Wisconsin HOSA Alumni

How To Become A HOSA Alumni

Were you a high school HOSA member? If so, you are eligible to become a HOSA Alumni!


Becoming an alumnus is simple.  Click this link to access the national alumni registration webpage. From there, fill out your information, and register in the bottom right-hand corner. Once done, you are ~officially~ a HOSA Alumni! It’s easy and free!

After completing that process, consider joining the Wisconsin HOSA Facebook, Instagram or Twitter group! We periodically share information regarding involvement opportunities around the state.

Alumni Benefits

HOSA Alumni Incentives


Additional Benefits

  • Develop Professional Connections

  • Internship opportunities

  • Stay current with news through alumni newsletters

  • Receive HOSA's e-Magazine

  • Conduct workshops at SLC

  • Opportunities to judges at SLC

  • Become a mentor to current members

  • Remain involved at the state and international activities

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What Can I Do As A Wisconsin HOSA Alumni?

In short, you can do A LOT as a Wisconsin HOSA alumni. Check out the Wisconsin HOSA Alumni Guide for more information.


Here is a brief summary of how to stay involved as a Wisconsin HOSA Alumni:

  1. Start College Chapters

  2. Support Local Chapters

  3. Judge

  4. Volunteer at Fall, Regional, and State Conferences

  5. Share how WI HOSA helped you

  6. Advocate for HOSA’s Support & Connect HOSA to your employer

  7. Encourage other alumni to get involved

  8. Collaborate with state HOSA leaders to strengthen the Alumni division in Wisconsin