Chapter Development & Membership Recruitment

How to Start a Chapter 

  1. Go through the process of starting any club or student organization at your school 

    • Typically, any new clubs or student organization have to be approved by a principal and/or your school board before they can be created. Also, and most importantly, find five or more students who are also interested and an advisor for your new HOSA chapter. Your advisor is required for creating your HOSA chapter, and will help you become affiliated!

  2. Email the Wisconsin HOSA State Advisor, Christina Patrin ( )

    • Let her know that you are interested in starting a new HOSA chapter, provide contact information for your chapter advisor, and what school you are from. She will contact the designated chapter advisor to provide a new chapter charter ID and password.

  3. Go to the International HOSA website,

    • Here, your Advisor, will login to set-up your chapter profile and affiliate members with the charter ID and password. You can assist with this process.   

    • You and your Advisor can also find more information underneath the join tab on the international website. 

  4. Promote HOSA at your school

    • Make posters, give announcements, or have a promotional event to get people from your school to get excited about HOSA. 

More information on this process can be found on both the Wisconsin HOSA website and the International HOSA Website. Any other questions can be directed to state officers. 


Membership Recruitment

Promotion is the best thing that you can do to expand your chapter! Hang posters, make announcements to your school or have large fundraising events to let people know about your HOSA chapter. Within these, let those attending, listening, or viewing understand what HOSA is along with HOSA’s purpose. Additionally, remember that every member you bring into your chapter should be affiliated with International HOSA through step #3 of creating a HOSA chapter on the International website. If a member is not affiliated, they cannot compete, nor will they be officially recognized as a member of HOSA-Future Health Professionals. 

  • Elevator Speech: HOSA - Future Health Professionals is the premier organization for students interested in careers in healthcare. Personally, *how HOSA has impacted you or your favorite aspect*. Would you like to get involved? Our next meeting is *Friday, Month #*, I'd love to see you there!

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