April: Pre and Post-SLC Meetings

  • Last-minute SLC Tips Presentation: Pre-SLC April Meeting 

  • In the days before SLC begins, there are some last-minute tips found within the Pre-SLC April Meeting. This meeting can serve to help settle nerves and remind them of minor aspects they need to cover before they leave. This meeting is admittedly less important than the Post-SLC Meeting, which serves to wrap up your time at SLC, but is a good option to utilize for either a late March meeting or an early April meeting, if it falls before SLC.

  • SLC Recap Presentation: Post-SLC April Meeting

  •  The weeks after SLC’s completion is the perfect time to give a recap of the State Conference to all those who did not attend, recognize those who competed and qualified for ILC, and to excite and inform your chapter members about what awaits them at the International Leadership Conference. Even for members who were not able to attend RLC or SLC, informing them about what occurred and the opportunities provided at these various conferences can motivate them to pursue the opportunities in the following years. Make sure to heavily recognize those members that qualified for ILC, if applicable, as qualification is an incredible accomplishment. Finally, if you are only able to have one meeting in April, which falls before SLC, make sure to include all of the information given in the SLC Recap presentation into your May meeting. 

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