Educational Live Sessions

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INSTRUCTIONS: Educational sessions are live, recorded, and participants are encouraged to have their video on so the presenter can engage with their audience. Please join the session a few minutes prior to the start time. Remember to mute yourself during the session. Last, if you are unable to access the Zoom session from your school-issued device you may need to login using a personal email account or non-school device in order to access the sessions. Some schools prevent the use of Zoom.

Thank You Speakers!

**Special Note: Medical Mystery clues are located on this page!

Session Descriptions


Health Science Career Programs

College of Health Sciences, Zilber School of Public Health, and College of Nursing experts will share the programs UW-Milwaukee has to offer. Students are invited to come and learn about the benefits to studying health in the city of Milwaukee, a living laboratory.

Medical Mystery Clue 1: We talked to her roommate, Quincy Quinine. According to Quincy, Amber-Ray had stayed up past curfew facetiming some friends. Quincy went to sleep because she was competing the next day, but Amber-Ray woke up really tired the next morning.


Careers in Aging Services

The silver tsunami is here. Examine careers in aging and learn about healthcare needs for aging populations, working benefits and challenges, and training experiences with aging populations.

Medical Mystery Clue 2: After coming back to the hotel room after her competitive event, Quincy found Amber-Ray

lying on the bed hugging her stomach. Amber-Ray said she felt really nauseous. Quincy just assumed it was because her

competitive event didn’t go well, so she tried to help her feel better however she could.


How to Manage Your Own Healthcare

This session is intended to empower young people to learn to manage their own healthcare and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and advocate for youth-friendly services.



Oral Health’s Impact on Wellbeing and Dental Entrepreneurship

This session will reflect a successful and growing pediatric dental office and providing patient care as a pediatric dentist. You will learn how oral health contributes to the overall wellbeing of children and adults and how through innovative systems and procedures serve the oral health needs of children.

Medical Mystery Clue 3: While waiting for their advisor to come, Quincy began questioning Amber-Ray on her symptoms. However, Quincy was unable to make out any clear answer because Amber-Ray started slurring her speech and mumbling. This was very shocking to Quincy seeing as Amber-Ray, the defending Wisconsin HOSA Prepared Speaking champion, was typically very well-spoken and eloquent.

Pathway for Food and Nutritional Sciences

Come take a close look at the field of Dietetics and why everyone pursuing a healthcare career needs to know about food and nutritional sciences.


The Need for Diverse Donations

How can HOSA members help support more diversity in donation? Come learn about Versiti’s commitment to saving more lives through an inclusive donor base that helps sustain the supply of blood, bone marrow, stem cells, and organ and tissue products to better serve ethnically diverse patients.

Infection Prevention and Control: How We Got to Where We Are?

Come explore how one finds a career in infection control and prevention.


Maximizing Your Unlocked Potential

Learn new ways to use your newly unlocked potential to reach new heights. Topics such as communication, time management, and thinking outside of the box will help members be the best future health professionals they can be!