Wisconsin HOSA Chapter Toolkit

This toolkit is meant to provide ideas for all HOSA chapter advisors and officers to use within their chapter throughout the year. We encourage chapters to use this toolkit in conjunction with their own creative ideas and activities. You are welcome to make a copy of the presentations and documents to alter them as needed. If your chapter wants additional assistance or information about a specific topic within this HOSA Chapter Toolkit, please email us directly at hosa.wisconsin@gmail.com . Make it a great year for your HOSA chapter!


Click on the links to access these sections: 

  1. Timeline of the Year and Program of Work Template

  2. How to Run a Successful Meeting

  3. Semester 1 Monthly Meeting Ideas

    1. September - Kick-Off Meeting

    2. October - Service Projects

    3. November - Competitive Events

    4. December - Holiday Break Meeting

    5. January - RLC Preparation

  4. Chapter Development and Membership Recruitment

  5. HOSA Resources

    1. Volunteering/Fundraising Ideas

    2. Social Media

    3. Tallo

    4. Leadership Activities and Icebreakers

    5. Keeping Your Members Involved

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