November: Competitive Events

Presentation: November Meeting- Competitive Events

Idea: Have underclassmen or prospective members group up with experienced competitors to share about the events they have taken or have interest in. Expose all members to the six categories of competitive events (Health Science, Health Professions, Emergency Preparedness, Leadership, Teamwork, and Recognition) along with a few specific competitive events to expose them to the variety of competition HOSA has to offer. Use this meeting to explain how members sign-up to compete, find their respective resources, create teams, deadlines for turning in paperwork centered around competition, costs associated with competition, dates of online testing and Regional / State / International Leadership Conferences, study tips, etc. 

Activity: For a fun energizer, create a mock-competition for a specific competitive event. For example, expose your chapter to HOSA Bowl by dividing your chapter into teams and allow them to “compete” using a Kahoot of medical knowledge questions. This shows them how fun competing can be! 

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