September: Kick-off Meeting

Presentation Template: 

Because this is the first meeting of the year, this meeting’s activities should center around getting everyone in your chapter to know each other, what HOSA is, and an overview of the upcoming year. Think high energy and enthusiasm! Even if you do not choose one of the the icebreaker activities listed in this toolkit, we recommend an activity that helps everyone get to know one another's names and/or something about each of their peers. Consider the amount of space and prospective number of attendees when planning these activities so they run smoothly! You can separate your chapter into smaller groups respectively. This meeting is also the perfect time to introduce your members to what HOSA is and everything it has to offer throughout the year. 

Recruit your chapter officers and other experienced HOSA members to talk a bit about why they joined HOSA, what they have done in it, and why others should join. Keep the information light and engaging, it should not be a full-on lecture. Allow time at the end of the meeting for attendees to ask questions. Candy and music are always create a comfortable environment for both people to speak, and listeners to ask questions. Remember to pass out HOSA Affiliation, FLC Registration, chapter t-shirt (if applicable), etc. forms during this meeting!

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