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Be The Match

Every Minute Donor Drive

State Conference HOSA Service Project 


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Our Mission!  The goal of this drive is to bring awareness to Be The Match along with recruiting 500 new potential donors.


  1. Anyone can sign-up for the registry or pre registry if under 18 years old.

  2. Using the the information below sign yourself up first and then recruit 3 more individuals to join the registry or pre-registry.

  3. Share the sign-up options by emailing or texting your family and friends. We have provided a template for you to use!

  4. Make sure when someone new person wants to join the registry they use the code HOSAWI otherwise they will not be counted for our Wisconsin HOSA Every Minute Donor Drive. 


       Options to sign-up:

          1. Text HOSAWI to 61474

          2. Go to URL

          3. Use the QR Code

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Be The Match Drive QR code.png

Share this template with family and friends!



I am a member of Wisconsin HOSA-Future Health Professionals and we are running a statewide sign-up called Wisconsin HOSA Every Minute Donor Drive for Be The Match. Be The Match is the world's largest bone marrow registry and we are looking for help to find new donors.


By signing-up, you are expressing interest to be a potential donor. Those who sign-up and are over eighteen years old will be contacted by Be The Match to provide a simple nose swab to determine if you are a good fit for someone who needs your help! If you are under 18 years of age you can sign up for the pre-registry, which means when you turn eighteen Be The Match will contact you to receive information about becoming a donor. 


If you are going to join the registry make sure to use the code HOSAWI when filling out the registry form. This way your sign-up will help us reach our drive goal of 500 new potential donors!


If signing-up for the registry is not for you, please still help us by sharing this message to help bring awareness, and hopefully new donors.

Options to sign-up:

          1. Text HOSAWI to 61474

          2. Go to URL

          3. Use the QR Code

Thank you for helping me and my organization reach our goal! Together, we can help save lives.


[Insert HOSA Member Name]

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