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Middle School Division Competitive Events

The Middle School (MS) division consists of students in grades 6-8. Students can choose two (2) events to compete in. Middle School members are not required to compete in two (2) events, however, for those that do wish to compete in multiple events must select one of the following two options…


Option 1: MS members may select two (2) events from the Health Science category, OR

Option 2: MS members may select one (1) event from the Health Science category AND one (1) event from one of the following three categories: Emergency Preparedness, Leadership, and Teamwork. 


In addition, MS members may select to participate in any number of events under the Recognition category, regardless of whether they choose a competitive event.

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Wisconsin HOSA 

Competitive Events Handbook

Emergency Preparedness
Health Science
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Go Beyond All Limits through participating in Competitive Events
this year!!

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