Member Volunteer and Service Opportunities

Wisconsin HOSA Opportunity List

The purpose of this list is to provide Wisconsin HOSA members with remote/unpaid volunteer/service/internship opportunities in which they may participate. By clicking on the button below, you will be directed to the opportunity list. This list provides HOSA members with service and internship options, both in-person and virtually. Once on the document, click on one of the two tabs on the bottom left corner to select either College and Above or High School and Above.

7 Cups

7-Cups is a website that connects people that are experiencing emotional distress with a volunteer listener, who provides emotional support. As we work to Shatter Your Expectations this program year, we would love to see our members train to become certified listeners and use the 7 Cups platform to provide support to their peers. This is an incredible program for those interested in a career in mental health or virtual volunteer opportunities. 


VolunteerMatch is a website that connects people with volunteer opportunities. Explore hundreds of virtual and face-to-face volunteer opportunities in cause areas like health and medicine, education, and community building that you can do from a computer, from home or anywhere. The website allows you to search for opportunities across the globe and your community.