Wisconsin HOSA

Wisconsin HOSA was founded in 1978, just two years after National HOSA was established. Since its inception, Wisconsin HOSA has attracted many devoted students interested in the healthcare field. Wisconsin HOSA currently maintains an affiliated membership of 2,839 students from 82 different chapters. Let's continue this great Wisconsin HOSA legacy!

State Goals 2020-2021

Membership Growth

Wisconsin HOSA will work to expand membership across the state in the three student divisions: middle school, secondary, and postsecondary/collegiate. This priority will be obtained mainly by providing resources for students interested in creating chapters and reaching out to schools without existing chapters.

  1. Reach out to schools that currently do not have a HOSA chapter. 15 Middle School, 15 Secondary and 5 Postsecondary. 

  2. Develop and post on our website and social media a guide that provides instructions on how to establish a chapter at the Middle School, Secondary, and Post-Secondary divisions as well as effective membership growth techniques.

  3. Increase membership by 10% at schools that currently do have a HOSA chapter.

  4. Promote HOSA on our social media pages.

Membership Development

Wisconsin HOSA will develop and strengthen our members’ abilities as students and future health professionals by providing them with opportunities to develop leadership and technical skills, as well as exposing them to service opportunities within the healthcare field.

  1. Increase member access to information and opportunities.

  2. Further develop the Chapter Handbook so that it is functional post COVID-19, as well as promoting its use through social media and during conferences.

  3. Develop and facilitate chapter visit presentation packages.

Membership Engagement

Wisconsin HOSA will connect with the members and have more engagement from the State level to the local level. We will implement our goal by having more personal engagement from the State level to the local level though more personal social media / online connections.

  1. Promote Chapter and Member of the month highlights.

  2. Create and disseminate a member newsletter communication.

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Program of Work 2020-2021

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