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Wisconsin HOSA was founded in 1978, just two years after National HOSA was established. Since its inception, Wisconsin HOSA has attracted many devoted students interested in the healthcare field. Wisconsin HOSA currently maintains an affiliated membership of 2,839 students from 82 different chapters. Let's continue this great Wisconsin HOSA legacy!

State Goals 2019-2020

Membership Engagement

Increase collaboration, awareness, and excitement in regards to Wisconsin HOSA. This will be done through the website (wihosa.org) and the social media platforms of Facebook (Wisconsin HOSA), Instagram (@wisconsinhosa), and Twitter (@WisconsinHOSA).

  1. Complete two social media posts per week including two posts per month from each Membership Engagement category on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with #wihosa. (Information, Recognition, Inclusivity, Entertainment)

  2. Increase followers on Instagram and Twitter by 150%.

  3. Update existing and add new content on the wihosa.org website.

  4. Promote and recognize Wisconsin HOSA partnerships on social media and website.

Leadership Conference Planning

Education and Training Opportunities at the Wisconsin HOSA leadership conferences will assist members in expanding their knowledge and leadership skills.

  1.  Increase member knowledge of various health professions.

  2.  Increase member knowledge about important technical skills.

  3.  Develop leadership and soft skills training workshops for   members.

  4.  Provide members opportunities to receive certificates and   certifications.

Chapter Resources

To provide resources and tools for all HOSA chapter leaders to support year-long planning.

  1. Create a chapter suggested program-of-work and timeline.

  2. Compile a list of chapter activities and resources.

  3. Compile a list of leadership and soft skills activities.

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Program of Work 2019-2020

Wisconsin HOSA Bylaws revised 2019

WI HOSA 2018-2019 Fact Sheet

Components of Wisconsin HOSA

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