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HOSA Cares

Is your chapter interested in going beyond our HOSA international service project? Are there local and state community needs and causes you want to support? HOSA Cares gives chapters the freedom to choose the volunteer and service activities they want to participate in and wish to support. The only requirement is they are health and service-oriented. So get creative, support something that is important to you, open your heart, and above all, have fun driving positive change in your community!

Still need ideas?

We've made a list of general things your chapter can do, and ideas for organizations/causes your chapter can support!

General Volunteerism Ideas

   •   Write to a local senator to advocate for health policy


   •   Work with American Red Cross to host a blood drive

   •   Offer an educational health workshop for elementary

       school classes

   •   Volunteer at a nursing home (call Bingo, sing, read)

   •   Knit hats for cancer patients at a local hospital

   •   Raise awareness of a cause on social media

   •   Volunteer at a hospital (Information Center, escort, greet)

   •   Build hygiene kits for the local homeless population

Fundraising for a Cause Ideas

   •   School picnic in the community

   •   "Color Run" 5K

   •   Partner with community businesses to offer a raffle

   •   Lemonade stand

   •   Partner with local restaurants (like Culver's) for fundraiser


   •   Mega yard sale

   •   Penny drive

   •   Care wash for community


HOSA Cares activities can be counted as

Barbara James Service Award 

hours if they pertain to

health-focused events.

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