As a premier provider of medical training and education technologies, Anatomage is honored to collaborate with our partners at Wisconsin HOSA to organize an Anatomy Tournament for the 2022 SLC.


Students- Join us for virtual Preliminary Rounds April 5th-7th via Zoom. The Top 8 Teams will advance to the LIVE Rounds at SLC on April 10th!


Advisors- Join us LIVE at the SLC on April 11th for your very own Tournament. Teams made of 1-5 members. 

During the event, participants will receive an introduction to the Anatomage Table, get digital hands-on experience with our technology and compete to test their knowledge of anatomy.


Anatomical systems included in competition: skeletal (bones, bony landmarks, and ligaments), muscular, digestive, respiratory, urinary, cardiovascular (heart and major blood vessels), nervous (brain, spinal cord, and major nerves), and more!

  • ​Team-based Competition (3-5 members per team, multiple teams per school are welcome)  

  • Prizes awarded to the Top 3 Teams and Advisors!

Sign-Ups Closed.




Virtual Preliminary Rounds

   30 minute slots via Zoom

April 5-7th (9AM-5 PM)


April 10 (1:00-2:30 PM)  

FINAL 4/Championship Round

April 11 (3:00-4:30 PM)

at the Wisconsin HOSA SLC
April 5-7 & 11-12, 2022



All Rounds

April 11 (4:00-5:00 PM)

View the final Team Schedule to confirm your appointment time and date. Please contact Anatomage (information to box on the right) with any questions!

Click on the button above to access the Zoom Meeting for your Preliminary Round. 

Meeting ID: 835 2132 0901
Passcode: 637770

As a reminder, please use a Windows based laptop or PC. The Tournament cannot be run on a Chromebook, Mac, iPad, or smartphone. 

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   Sarah Fleischman

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