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Introducing Your State Officers

Aanya Headshot_edited.png

Aanya Kasera


Regions 2 and 3 Representative
Shruti Headshot_edited.png

Shruti Gupta


Regions 5 and 6 Representative
Prisha Headshot_edited.png

Prisha Chawla

VP of Membership 

Regions 2 and 6 Representative
Manya Headshot_edited.png

Manya Mehra

VP of Postsecondary

Aashi Headshot_edited.png

Aashi Iyengar

Vice President

Regions 1 and 4 Representative
Angela Headshot_edited.png

Angela Zheng

VP of Public Relations

Regions 5 and 3 Representative
Reya Headshot_edited.png

Reya Khatri

VP of Service Projects

Regions 1 and 4 Representative
Deeksha Headshot_edited.png

Deeksha Pidikiti

Middle School Liaison

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