Competitive Events


The Competitive Events Program is designed to...

  • motivate HOSA members and provide a system for recognizing the competencies developed through Health Science and Biomedical Science class instruction, related job training, and HOSA related activities. 


  • motivate HOSA members to improve their knowledge and skills. HOSA provides a competitive events program as a means of recognizing those students who are willing to pursue excellence by preparing for competition and having the determination to attend a conference and participate in a competitive event.


  • showcase health science academic knowledge and skills. Students work individually or in teams. Events may include an online test, skill demonstration, formal presentation, display of work, or group situation. Students learn about decision making, problem solving, communication, leadership, and self-improvement.


Wisconsin HOSA members are encouraged to take full advantage of the Competitive Events Program, a constantly expanding and improving series of healthcare-related competitive events. Wisconsin HOSA sponsors competitive and recognition opportunities on both regional and state levels.


To develop and deliver a comprehensive, quality program of both competitive and recognition events that promotes a variety of health professions while encompassing the values of HOSA, and better preparing members to develop their knowledge and skills to become better equipped to succeed as future health professionals 

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Virtual SLC 2021 Competitor Orientation 

Policies and Procedures Handbook

Virtual SLC 2021

Wisconsin HOSA

Virtual SLC 2021 Competitor Orientation Form

 All advisors and competitors are encouraged to complete this form upon viewing the recorded presentation.

Ethics & Security Statement Form

Due March 14, 2021 by 11:59



  • Feb 20th: SLC 2021 Registration Opens, Virtual SLC Competitive Events & Recognition Program Resources Published

  • March 1st: Tallo Opportunities Open for Competitive Events w/Tallo Materials & LIVE Component, COVID-19 Awareness Event Tallo Opportunity Opens 

  • March 5th: SLC 2021 Registration Closes

  • March 15thTallo Opportunities Close for Competitive Events w/LIVE Component and COVID-19 Awareness Event. Tallo Opportunities Open for all other Competitive and Recognition Events w/Tallo Materials (see slide 2 of Virtual SLC 2021 Competitor Orientation), Special Recognition Awards Nomination Forms Due

  • March 20th: LIVE Competitive Events held using Google Meets and Zoom 

  • March 30th: Tallo Opportunities Close, Recognition Events Deadline 

  • April 13th: SLC 2021 Finalists/ILC 2021 Qualifiers Announced 

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Additional Competitive Event Resources

Competitive Event Guidelines

Please Note! Not all events are offered in WI

Policy Change! Event Guidelines do not need to be shown at competitor check-in

Competitive Event Useful Tools

What Event Is Right For You?

Competitive Events Highlights 2020-2021 

Competitive Events Updates 2020-2021

Updated 08/20/2020

Competitive Events Preview 2020-2021 

HOSA-Future Health Professionals

Competitive Event Tips & 5 People to Help

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