Competitive Events


One benefit of HOSA membership is the opportunity to showcase health science academic knowledge and skills through competitive events. Students work individually or in teams. Events may include an online test, skill demonstration, formal presentation, display of work, or group situation.


A student must be an affiliated dues-paid HOSA member each year to compete. A competitor may choose to compete in one competitive event and any number of recognition events.


If an event requires online testing prior to the Regional and State Leadership Conference, that is done on a local level with a test proctor present. This is only applicable to high school and post-secondary division competitors. The online test must be completed during the designated testing window [January 1-24, 2020] in order to compete at the regional and/or state conferences.


Active HOSA members gain the opportunity to compete at both the local, regional, state and international levels. At the State Leadership Conference, members that place first, second, or third are given the opportunity to compete at the International Leadership Conference. The fourth and fifth place runner-ups are alternates.


HOSA advisors often ask for suggestions when helping to prepare their HOSA members for competition. Here are some competitive event resources that will help guide you!

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