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Regional Leadership Conference

On-Demand Member Resources

UW-Madison Physician Assistant Program

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General Information Session

What is a Physician Assistant?

What Makes a Competitive Applicant?

Health Area Education Center

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Wisconsin AHEC improves access to quality health care by developing community-based health professions training programs and enhancing health education resources across the state.

Chippewa Valley Technical College - Region 1


Fox Valley Technical College - Region 3


Gateway Technical College - Region 6


Gateway Technical College provides high-tech, hands-on training to prepare future health professionals to enter the career field through lab, simulation and clinical experiences.

Health-Related Programs & Videos

Wisconsin Illinois Senior Housing Inc


This scholarship honors those who gave so much during the pandemic to help our residents and others during COVID-19, from part-time high schoolers who worked in spite of the risks, to our permanent staff - all of whom provide comfort, compassion and care to seniors.

WISH Rising Stars Scholarship

Medical College of Wisconsin


Wisconsin Health Literacy

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A division of Wisconsin Literacy, Inc., promotes clear communication between those who give and those who receive health information.  WHL provides training and consultation for health and social service professionals and organizations across the state.  WHL partners with community organizations to offer easy-to-understand health education programs.

Wisconsin Health Literacy Services

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